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What details should be paid attention to in the display of clothing display cases?

 What details should be paid attention to in the display of clothing display cases?

Display cabinet display is exquisite, it can even directly affect the clothing store marketing results, and many friends do not pay attention to clothing display details, virtually lost a lot of customers, clothing store profit has not been improved signs, worrying.

If you're feeling the same way, let's take a look at some of the things you need to be aware of when displaying clothing.

First of all, we need to understand the function of display cabinets. Different from street vendors who display clothes on the ground directly, the display cabinets of clothing stores are designed to display various information of clothes to customers as quickly as possible and arouse customers' desire for consumption.

Clothing display includes two parts, one is the display of the clothing itself in the display case, the other is the display of the display case itself in the clothing store.

Anyone who has been to a clothing store will notice, if they pay close attention, that different clothes are presented in different ways in the display cases.

In general, clothes are hung vertically, some are stacked in bulk, some are folded square, some are laid horizontally, and in many other ways.

Why are these clothes laid out like this?

Of course there are reasons for it.

As we all know, clothes are made from different ingredients and have different properties, and often need to be stored in different ways.

Slanman, a manufacturer of high-end clothing showcases, has Slanman, a vertically suspended garment that is easy for consumers to access and enjoy, conveying the information of goods most directly.

Clothes stacked in bulk generally do not appear in high-end clothing stores, because it affects consumers' direct access to clothing information. For example, clothes stacked in the bottom layer may not be lucky enough to be picked out by customers. Imagine, if you are a consumer, facing the pile of clothes, do you still want to buy?

But maybe there's just one item at the bottom that suits your taste.

The clothes that square square fold is suit commonly wait for high-grade, the dress with expensive price, such deposit is the appearance that avoids fold fold, look very beautiful also.

Horizontal clothing is sometimes more to show a kind of fun, to attract the eyes of the consumer