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How to play hot style clothing store display cabinet design

 How to play hot style clothing store display cabinet design

This is a problem that many shopkeepers encounter.

Creative clothing display rack Xiaobian today to give dry goods, talk about how to build a clothing store brand hot style, to tell you about some relevant cases.

If you are worried about how to build a new hot style, I strongly recommend you to read today's article.

How to make new products the focus!

Since it is a new product, it is of course necessary to make it constantly appear in the vision of customers and repeatedly appear to strengthen their memory. Specifically, we can refer to the following three points:

1. Emphasize color

Identify the most striking color from the new collection this season, or the color you most want to highlight, and use it as a thread throughout the store, repeating the color from the window to the entire store.

2. Element association

In addition to emphasizing color, the same elements can also be used to relate, such as the main plaid elements and flower elements this season, so the products of plaid elements should also be displayed at each VP point from the window to the store.

3, the main push style

If the series of products of color and elements are not many, then you can also repeat the main promotion, which can be combined display, such as window display, or can be divided into several VP and PP points display.

The atmosphere props make the store not monotonous, but also can well express the theme and brand concept, so that the store adds a little fun.

Props related to brand elements

In fact, the atmosphere props can also be customized from the elements represented by the brand, such as the seven wolves. Obviously, the Wolf element is their symbol, so they will use the image of the Wolf in the atmosphere props.

The setting off of atmospheric props makes the store not monotonous. At the same time, the use of props in the window can well express the theme. Even the props related to brand elements can better express the brand concept and add a little fun to the store.

Situational props of the series theme are used to create a scene that matches the theme to highlight the sense of value of the goods and arouse consumers' resonance for the scene. It is easy to think of the scene in which I should wear the clothes of this series.

The visual prop person with individual character exaggerates has the psychology of curiosity, see the thing that goes against the norm can be attracted in the past, curiosity is driven to explore after all, new naturally can obtain more attention to spend.