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Don't pay attention to the stainless steel screen will rust, you know?

With the popularity of stainless steel screen, many people will install stainless steel screen in their homes, but I believe everyone will have a doubt that the stainless steel screen will rust?

In many people's impression, stainless steel products seem to be not rusty, this is actually a mistake.

In many cases, stainless steel products will rust if they are not maintained properly.

Stainless steel is not rust, no absolute stainless steel stainless steel, stainless steel rust depends on many factors, the working temperature of the working environment of stainless steel, stainless steel, the use of the stainless steel, stainless steel cleaning and maintenance, etc.

Because of its different model, stainless steel screen has different corrosion resistance and different corrosion resistance, so it can use different environment.

Some stainless steel decorative plates are suitable for use on the beach because of its strong corrosion resistance.

Some stainless steel decorative boards are suitable for cleaner rural use with less air pollution.

Why does the stainless steel screen rust?

The first reason is because of the stainless steel itself, stainless steel is formed on the surface of a layer of a very thin and fine and stable solid rich chromium oxide film, prevent oxygen to infiltration, continue to oxidation, and ability to resist corrosion.

Once you have some reason, the film has been continuously destroyed and air or oxygen atoms in the liquid iron atoms will constantly infiltration or metal separation out unceasingly, forming loose iron oxide, metal surface are also constantly rust.

Any stainless steel surface protective film damage caused by corrosion, therefore, to ensure that the surface of the permanent bright stainless steel screen in the home, don't be rust, we must often use dry cloth to clean stainless steel screen surface swab, remove attachments, remove rust external factors, especially some corrosion of liquid fluid, usually also to pay attention to the maintenance of stainless steel screen, prevent hard object collisions, man-made wear and tear, caused rust.