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Stainless steel screen characteristics and custom stainless steel screen what should be noticed?

Stainless steel screen style variety, the color is beautiful atmosphere, beautiful case, standing on the point of view of professional terms, stainless steel screen and the overall home or workplace environment is very exquisite, is not just a stainless steel screen can show the gas with the elegance of a home or workplace, stainless steel screen customization is to be placed according to the circumstance to tailor-made, according to the requirements to the screen, then applied into place, high-end luxury, and kind of quiet beauty of literature and art!

Different places screen placement can reflect different aesthetic feeling, then I will simply tell you that customized stainless steel screen should be noted:

1. The stainless steel screen should be made of stainless steel, which requires no scratch, no bump, no corrosion.

2. Stainless steel screen products are manufactured from stainless steel processing factories. The stainless steel material, quality, scratches and specifications should be checked during installation.

3, stainless steel screen products must be clean before plating color, must put on the product after cleaning the legacy of clean water treatment, such as dust particles also have to deal with clean to the plating color of product.