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Wood screen and stainless steel screen which is better?

Screen not only can be able to break space to build more functional place, still can add a few different things to interior design.

Many consumers in the selection screen is often confused whether to buy wood screen or stainless steel screen, and then make up from three aspects to give you analysis!

1. Durability: stainless steel screen with strong stability and durability.

Stainless steel materials in various mechanical properties in the metal materials are very good, has the high hardness and toughness, good anti-rust anti-corrosion characteristics, in family, hotel, restaurant, daily environment, stainless steel materials used are reassuring.

Use stainless steel as the screen, there is absolutely no wood may have some mold deformed deformed insects and so on.

And in some conventional durable performance, such as impact resistance, fastness and so on, stainless steel screen is also better than wood screen too much.

2. Aesthetics: stainless steel screen is beautiful and easy to match.

The polishing technology of stainless steel surface can make the stainless steel screen mirror effect, and then complementary with electroplating color, so can present color is very gorgeous.

It is especially suitable for use in high-end residences, hotels, clubs, restaurants and other places, whether it is mirror effect or brushed sand surface, it can be matched with lighting, which is more in line with modern design aesthetics.

But wood quality screen color is relatively simple, and easy to dullness, once neglect to maintain, easy to lose its beautiful effect.

3. Practicality: stainless steel screen has no style limitation, and the use of extensive wooden screens gives a kind of ancient Chinese aesthetics, but it is not suitable for all occasions and is limited by style.

The stainless steel screen can also have the same texture as wood through surface treatment, which can be applied to Chinese design.

But besides, stainless steel can also have more effect fruit, such as European style luxury, Korean style simple, these you can imagine the style can be achieved through stainless steel screen.

In addition, restrictions and raw materials and other factors, real wood screens are greatly restricted, non-solid wood materials are greatly reduced in quality and effect.

Stainless steel material has no such problem, its own material size is big, modern welding technology is able to offer more large size screen material, diversity is richer.